Interview with Dimenzion:Psychosphere (NO)

Eventhrough with the first independent release, and self entitled ep (Dimenzion:Psychosphere)dating back to the year 2000 already, the name just came new to me, and the only most familiar name in the band goes by  Frank-Roald Hagen, which got famous by the band Trail of Tears who splitted up in 2013.

Hello guys,please can anyone introduce the band to them who just came new into the scene, or just met up with  this band for that matter.

Hi there. We are five rebels from southern Norway who plays metal basically. We go by the titles; The President, The Architect, The Scientist, The Trooper and The Engineer. Frank left the band last year though, cause he wanted to focus on family and education. So we got a new scientist now:)

Like you mentioned, we started up around 2000, and have done three EP's, and two albums. We've only done shows in Norway so far, but hopefully we get to something about that soon.

A new record is out entitled ‘Collapse’.What is the difference between the previous and this one?

I think this one is better in all areas. The songs, the lyrics, and the sound. It's really a concept thing, with all the songs ending up in the Collapse at the end. Our previous recordings has been more like four, five or seven individual songs, with no obvious connection. This one is all about different factors leading to collapse.

Does it feels the band has grown in time as musicians?

Of course. We spend much less time rehearsing and recording songs than before. The overall understanding of music, and arranging songs always get better with age too, and we are old, hehe.

Can you please go deeper into the albumtitle, and of course the titletracks, and lyrical themes?

Yeah. I'll just go over them as presented on the album then...

THE MACHINE, is about how we've been tricked into giving away our freedom and money to a system that controls us. And how it is to big to be defeated through conventional ways. Your vote is not your voice, and it never has been. The only way to destroy it, is by not participating in it.

FURY, mocks the west, and how Norwegians think we are some kind of peacelovers, when the reality is that we've been supporting/participating in five wars lately. Because of resources. But that's not what they are telling us of course. The government here is no different than anywhere else. It's about money and power, and I want people to see this, and overthrow them.

VOID, is about the despair and apathy that comes with acknowledging that one is powerless alone against these systems.

EPISTEMOPHOBIA, means fear of learning. I've never understood schooling, because it's not about learning and being creative, but to institutionalize and prepare you for some job that is needed by the establishment. The song also covers the manipulation of opinions through media and marketing.

SLAVES continues the subject, and deals with how people in general becomes the extension of the police state by not accepting that people are different. Thus getting the public to police itself. I mean, just try to light a cigarette in a public building or something, and see what happens. It won't be the police addressing you.

PSYCHODORM, is a fictive drug, that dumb us down and make us servile, and indifferent to the fact that we are slaves. So it's essentially a cure for all the problems you might have about being one.

COLLAPSE is what happens when the machine keeps on walking. The destruction of the things that keep us alive.

The albumart deals with Apocalyptic aspects.What is the story behind it, and who developed the artwork?

The artwork depicts a kind of inner electric wavestorm in our heads. An overload of information perhaps. Leading to insanity, or in other words, a mental collapse. It's made by me, The Architect. 

Which of the bandmembers is the mostlikely inspired by those sort of themes, and from what books, movies etc.

I write all the lyrics, and I don't think the other guys are too much into it really. I don't read fiction, but try to read stuff I can learn something from, being news articles, blogs or books, or watch documentaries. I believe somethings gotta give pretty soon. Maybe not into a total collapse, but it seems to me, the heydays of the western world are over.

The bandpictures, and stageappearances show some really theaterical figures all dressed in some well…best decription is alien sort of kind uniforms.Really reminds me abit of the styles bands like RAMMSTEIN have.What are the responses so far appearing like that on stage.

The uniforms might look a bit alien, but they are really based on how riot police around the world dress up nowadays. Basically dressing for war against a fed up public, who they are actually supposed to serve. About the responses, I can't really remember anyone commenting much on it. It kind of just is there maybe?

I have seen pictures,videos of some of the live shows, and really must say, they look in 1 word SPECTECULAR!I hope the audiences agree with me on this one.How have the responses been for a band such as this one, and seems it must be very exhausting wearing those kind of uniforms on stage, yet satisfying afterwards?

Well. It gets warm, and it's sometimes hard to see anything on a dark stage, but we get by. It's all part of making a good show, so it's worth it. We want it to be spectacular (thanx by the way:), so we expand the lighting whenever we can afford it. I think lasers are a show in itself, so luckily not so many metalbands use them. That I know of anyway.

The record has been out shortly on the streets as we speak, and released through Crime Records.How have the responses been so far, and how is the relationship with the label thus far?

Both responses and relationship with the label has been really well I think. Most reviews has been good, except for a danish critic who hated basically everything about us, haha. As far as sales go, I don't know how we are doing, but we have to tour a little bit to promote the album, so we'll see.

The band doesn’t have a Facebook page at the moment, Any particular reason for that? Maybe due the bandimage? With the alien theme etc. Is there one expected in the near future?

Eh, we do have a facebook page, and we've had it for some years now. But there might be something with the fb search engine or something if you tried to find us there and didn't. We haven't spent any money on promoting it, but maybe we'll have to do that. The link is anyway as follows:

Your final words…

Thanks for showing interest in the band. Check out our music if you please. And Uprise.
The Architect